Shalom le Israel Shabbat School

Chara Slavensky

Chara Slavensky

“Train up a child in the way he should go, when he is old he will not turn from it.”

Psychology Major, Internship with Professor of Psychology between 1992-1995

It is my philosophy of how important it is to foster the inner strengths of our children today, so they may grow up with dignity and God’s grace with confidence and take their inner strengths out into this very demanding world, letting their light shine and stand firmly in Spiritual Integrity. I have had the privilege of working with pre-school age children at both public and private day care centers here in the Sacramento area. Children are the true gifts of life, they are on loan to us for such a short time on this earthly journey, they are our teachers showing us the true meaning of authentic love. It is our duty to plant the seeds of spiritual wisdom allowing them to grow into compassionate and loving individuals.  

My time with your children during the Shabbat Classroom is of a minimum however, the goal is to focus on the spiritual attributes of Personal Integrity, Truthfulness, Responsibility, Accountability, Loyalty and being Collaborative and Corporative with their peers. The children will explore meaningful age appropriate Bible verses on a weekly basis and come to understand them over time.

It is my goal to create a safe and nurturing Shabbat School for Spiritual understanding at age appropriate levels. I am pleased and honored to have the privilege of getting to share this special moment in time with your child!

Kind and warmest regards,

Chara A. Slavensky